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"Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food"

Nutrition Elements is founded on the principle that good nutrition is essential for optimal health and well being. Healthy eating does not have to be complicated or confusing; a registered dietitian can help you understand what it is to eat healthy with regards to your lifestyle and personal goals. Whether it is general healthy eating, weight management, sports nutrition, chronic disease prevention or treatment, Nutrition Elements is a reliable source for credible, up to date nutrition information. This knowledge will empower you to make the positive choices necessary for your overall health and wellness.

Nicole Penton is passionate about healthy eating and the remarkable effects that it can have on your physical and mental well being. Nicole is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition program from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is registered with the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Dietitians (NLCD),


Dietitians of Canada (DC) and the Consulting Dietitians Network associated with DC. During and since her degree, Nicole has gained dietetic experience in clinical/hospital settings, the food service industry and within the community. Before embarking on her degree, Nicole developed a keen interest in nutrition and how it affects so many aspects of health. It is interesting to stop and think about how the simple act of eating can either negatively or positively impact our lives depending on the types and amounts of foods chosen. A conscious effort of selecting nutritious foods over less healthy options can move you one step closer to attaining individual optimal health.

Nicole values the recognized effect that physical activity can have on overall health and well being. Regular physical activity combined with good nutrition is a definite means of improving your health. Research has shown that a high percentage of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease can be prevented with lifestyle changes that include healthier eating and increased activity. Nicole has completed the Canadian Fitness Professionals (CAN-Fit Pro) Personal Training Specialist program and compliments healthy eating with cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training.

Knowledge is key! Nutrition Elements and Nicole will provide you with reliable nutrition knowledge tailored to your lifestyle and needs. You will be empowered and inspired to make the necessary steps required for good health!

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Professional Nutrition Guidance For Your Health And Well Being

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