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Nutrition Services

Inspiring You to Good Health!
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Nutrition is a key element for overall health and wellness. A Registered Dietitian will work with you to develop practical, healthy food choices to fit your lifestyle and nutrition goals.
One-On-One Nutrition Counselling Sessions
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In Good Health!
(B) In-Depth Nutrition Assessment with Dietary Analysis ~ 75 + 40 min
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Have you ever wondered if you are eating enough of the right foods to receive all of the required nutrients, vitamins and minerals? Is your diet adequate for your optimal health? Are you deficient in any particular nutrient? Am I consuming too many or too little calories? If these are some concerns that you have or if this is an area of interest then this session is right for you!

This assessment includes an initial 75 min session and a follow-up 40 min session.  You will be asked to fill out a Nutrition & Health History Form and complete a Three Day Food Record in advance of the session. During the initial assessment Nicole will review your medical and nutrition history, establish health goals and identify probable challenges that may be present. Together with Nicole, you will assess your three day food record and discuss topics such as any food preferences, intolerances, current food intake, portion sizes and health concerns. Exercise habits, activity levels and any other areas that can affect your personal success will also be addressed. Nicole will take your weight and height for BMI analysis and various body measurements for a healthy weight assessment.

With the information collected and from working closely with you Nicole will prepare an individualized analysis of your diet and will develop nutrition recommendations based on the results and your particular health concerns. For nutrition success the analysis and recommendations will be suited to your personal needs, goals and lifestyle.

Nicole will review your dietary analysis and recommendations during the 40 min follow-up session, during which any concerns and questions can be addressed. By the end of this session you will have an in-depth understanding of your nutrition status and how to successfully achieve your health and nutrition goals.

Virtual Dietitian
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Professional Nutrition Guidance For Your Health And Well Being

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