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Nutrition Services

Inspiring You to Good Health!
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Nutrition is a key element for overall health and wellness. A Registered Dietitian will work with you to develop practical, healthy food choices to fit your lifestyle and nutrition goals.
One-On-One Nutrition Counselling Sessions
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Grocery Guidance
~ 90 min
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One of the more challenging feats of attempting to eat healthier is grocery shopping. You are faced with thousands of products, many with health claims, so how do you choose the best product for you? During the initial part of this session, Nicole will review the importance of meal planning and how this simple act can improve your eating habits and overall nutrition. Nicole will address your current meal structure and review the basics for constructing a typical healthy meal. The remainder of the session involves actually touring a grocery store with Nicole that you typically frequent; here you can address any concerns or questions that you have related to grocery shopping. Nicole will review the importance of label reading, compare products that you consume on a regular basis, and help you be better equipped to make healthier, nutritious choices.     

Virtual Dietitian
Coming Soon!
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Professional Nutrition Guidance For Your Health And Well Being

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