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Nutrition Services

Inspiring You to Good Health!
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Nutrition is a key element for overall health and wellness. A Registered Dietitian will work with you to develop practical, healthy food choices to fit your lifestyle and nutrition goals.
Group Nutrition Services
Workplace Wellness
Group Nutrition Session - Time Customized
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Research has shown that healthier employees are better motivated, more productive and typically enjoy their work setting. A healthy work environment fosters healthier, happier employees! By booking a Workplace Wellness Session employees have the opportunity to be exposed to numerous nutrition topics. Proper nutrition can help reduce chronic disease, assist with healthy weight maintenance, increase overall energy….the health and wellness benefits are endless!

Topics for Workplace Wellness Sessions can include but are not limited to:

-General Healthy Eating (includes revision of Canada’s Food Guide, portion size, meal planning and label reading)


-Heart Healthy Eating

-Women and Heart Disease



-Diet Myths/Fad Diets

Please contact Nicole to discuss these or other topics of interest.


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Professional Nutrition Guidance For Your Health And Well Being

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